Creating, planting, and sustaining beautiful conservation landscapes

CONSERVATION LANDSCAPING (kahn-suhr-vAY-shuhn lAnd-skay-ping) noun; Conservation landscaping refers to landscaping with specific goals of reducing pollution and improving the local environment.  


  • Conservation Landscape Design and Installation

  • Environmentally Sustainable Maintenance

  • Erosion Mitigation

  • Rain Gardens 

  • Dry Creek Beds and Bioswales



We collaborate with landscape designers to create functional landscapes that work at the intersection of nature and beauty. With their extensive knowledge of native plants, ecology, and local environmental rules and regulations, we team together to create spaces that are attractive, practical, and require less maintenance over time than traditional lawns.

From concept to completion, we work in lockstep with the designer to ensure that your vision, budget, and schedule are met.

Contact us today to take the first step in making your yard more beautifully in-tune with nature. 



Already have a design and need INSTALLATION?

Native Roots offers a full suite of planting and installation services. We emphasize native and ecologically beneficial plants whenever and however possible, sourcing from only the most reputable plant nurseries and vendors committed to the highest industry standards.


If you are interested in making your home more sustainable, welcoming nature into your habitat, or transforming your yard into a beautiful landscape that reduces stormwater pollution and improves the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, contact us today. 



Native Roots offers a complete line of environmentally sustainable maintenance services for your yard , taking care of everything but mowing your lawn.


Our skilled professionals, with fine attention to detail, are well versed in plant identification, as well as proper weeding, pruning, and mulching techniques to keep your landscapes beautiful, healthy and functional all year long.


We also provide seasonal maintenance services including spring cleanings, fall leaf composting, and winterizations. Contact us today to find out more about how we take sustainable maintenance to the next level.




Passionate about nature and the environment from a young age, Native Roots Landscaping Founder & Co-owner, Thomas Schneider, is a certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional with a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and the Environment, and a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from George Mason’s College of Science. As a native Washingtonian, rooted in a firm understanding of ecology and sustainability, coupled with a sharp eye for design, Thomas works closely with his clients and crew members to create, plant, and maintain landscapes throughout the DMV that are not only beautiful, but sustainable and beneficial to the environment.

Thomas formerly served as Executive Director of the workforce development nonprofit he co-founded, Rooftop Roots, which focused on training individuals in vegetable gardening and conservation landscaping. He lives and works in tandem with his wife and Co-owner, Joni, their son Archie, and their four legged crew, Poppy, Basil, Pesto, and Bagel. 

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